Beginners are invited to join the Foundation class, start with no prior lessons in Middle Eastern dance, and remain until they have mastered the basic moves (12 weeks generally).  

General classes work on framing, linking, posture, undulating, pivoting and free dance and are suitable for all dancers from Improvers (those with strong foundations) upwards.  

Intermediates are confident in all the above and are ready to work on layering, choreographys, styles of dance, props and performance skills--they are expected to take workshops with outside teachers and to report back to the group on what they have learnt.  While the Advanced dancers have been dancing for 3 years or more and aim to look at the subject in more depth while still working on their dance, performance and technique.  As you will see, some classes cover more than one level.


If you have already taken lessons with another teacher please email me to find the level most suited to your skills.  Generally students of ASMED or JWWAD qualified teachers share the same vocabulary as my classes and can move directly across.  Other students may need some time in a more basic class in order to understand the structure I use.  Experienced dancers of other styles and those who have danced in a Middle Eastern style in a home setting need to start in beginners, although they sometimes move on quicker through the levels.  If in doubt start at a lower level and I can always move you.


Student levels explained :










The Foundation course is aimed primarily at Beginner Bellydancers and was developed out of the desire to provide well structured classes focusing on the most important skills, while still being flexible enough to fit in around people with busy lives.  After 12 years of teaching beginners I feel well qualified to design a course that is suitable for all those who want to learn the core skills of Bellydance without getting bored or disheartened by over ambition.  This course was trialled in Spring 2010 and is now rolling out through all my classes.

For the student it is easy to pick up.  Start the classes anytime and collect your postcard with a list of the 12 classes – each is colour co-ordinated so you know where you are.  

Your first lesson should start out fairly easy, with a new move, which is new to everyone in the room.  The second move will be the one the others did last week, so hopefully you will see that it is easier for them, but you can still give it a go.  To finish the session we will put them together and discuss one of the key aspects of Bellydance and how it affects you as a new dancer.  It would also help if you read “Your First Class” on line here.

By your second class you should find things easier: again you will have a new move, and then work on the move we did your first week.  And so it rolls round.

As you take a class you tick off that class’s colour on your Postcard until they are all ticked.  If you have missed a class you can go to a different venue to take it, or just wait a few weeks til it comes round again.  (Move up into the General Level class, meantime, if you have only missed one or two).

In addition to the coloured lessons you will need to take a Shimmy Workshop, which are held at each venue 3 or 4 times a year.  Once you have taken a Shimmy Workshop you can add shimmies to all your key moves each lesson.  This ticks off your first bar.

Next it is good to learn a Choreography, which may be through one of my General classes, or a local workshop.  And finally to get your Third Bar book a One on One assessment so that we can discuss your strengths, weaknesses and focus on how you wish to develop as a dancer.


For more details email me direct :