Here are a few comments from other dancers, students and customers.

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Louise Sheldon

I have danced under Sara's instruction for 18 months, and still feel like i am constantly learning, and evolving under this beautiful dance form.

Sara is friendly, approachable, and a patient teacher who takes genuine joy in watching her pupils learning, and becoming better Middle Eastern Dancers.

Sara is also very knowledgeable in the different types of music, from the many different regions within the Middle East, and North Africa, and knowing which style of dance, and moves go with them, this makes me feel that my learning with her is a more authentic experience.

Sara is also very good at adapting the class to suit her students various levels, so that everyone feels they have learnt something without newer members feeling overwhelmed, which i think is a very good skill as a teacher.

As an individual performer, Sara is one of the best, and most enjoyable dancers i have had the pleasure to watch.

I hope to see both Sara, and her dance troupe Mersin performing for many years to come.


Fusion Dancer

Sara is a really good dance teacher, I've been hooked since my first lesson, and i think that's partly because of Sara's own enthusiasm rubbing off on her students.

Even when Sara has had a hectic day...and there have been a few lately (hey Sara lol), she still comes in chirpy, and happy, and gets us dancing.

I've never has a bad class, and I've never seen a newcomer not come back after their first lesson.

And i agree with the other's ...ive seen Sara perform at a few events, and she is always an inspiration to watch.

Sara's performances are sometimes serious, sometimes tongue in cheek, but always elegant, and classy.

Happy Dancing! :)



Sara is a lot of fun, genuinely nice, hard-working, dedicated and a very very beautiful dancer; I know it says dance teacher on her profile, but she's a lovely performer too!

She's very experienced , with integrity and is constantly working behind the scenes, too. She is among the top dancers in the UK. Her standards are very high. ;D x



I met Sara a couple of years ago and I warmed to her immediately. What's more I met several of her students who(without prompting) told me what a warm, fun, generous teacher she is. So that can't be bad can it?

Go Sara!!xx



Sara is not only a really great teacher but lovely performer, she always seems happy and confident even when under pressure! always great to be around. The Mersin events are great to and always so well organized!! don’t know how you do it all! Sara has a great family as well.



Comments: Hi Sara

Just thought I'd say that belly dancing is great for uplifting the heart.... especially Saturday class... laughter, chat, friends and fitness... good for my pregnancy blues

lots of love



Afra al Kahira

Hi Sara,  The revamped web site looks lovely! :-) It's the perfect resource for dancers looking for classes and events in the home counties area. Well Done! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Emma when you come to teach at Celebrating Dance in October!

Love Afra xx



Hi,  I am just writing to say how grateful I am for the lesson at cheam today It was great and I have shown the dance to my parents

They think it is great!!!

Thanks again

love from

Lottie xxx



had a wonderful day at the Tadley workshops. Thank you for letting me bring my bazaar. Everyone was so friendly, and the performances were great!

a fantastic easy to use web site.



Hi Sara

Not only is this site informative but it's elegant as well. Thanks for always taking an interest and encouraging that inner diva to get out. X



Hi Sara,

You have created a lovely website, with lots of information regarding belly dance and all the classes which are available.

The photo's are really beautiful, it looks as though everyone is having a great time.

Cant wait for Day of Dance.