Thank you for considering booking Sara or Mersin.  Here are some of the costumes you may request.  If you have something different in mind them please email me to discuss.

This is a very high end costume in velvet with a mix of beads, crystals and pearl like beads which catch the light beautifully

This Green is a Pheronics of Egypt and comes with beautiful fabric that can be used as mini veil wings. This costume maker is known for their stunning designs and use of oversized crystals Great for making an entrance !

This red dress is stunning, but while it  pretends to cover more of the body the cut outs actually make it very daring.  The placement of the strings of beads means it has lots of movement.

This Tribal costume was designed for me by Black Willow and features lots of my favourite colours.  With its mix of fishnet, lace and velvet it makes a real statement for alternative events.

This is another Black willow creation and suits both Tribal and folkloric performances.  You can see me dance in this costume on YouTube HERE

This Gold costume is a very popular choice and because it can be worn with a variety of different coloured skirts the whole look can be tied into any colour scheme you might have in mind.  The fringing has amazing movement and the big, fat, gold beads sparkle in the light.


Costume options

This Blue and silver is covered in beads and sequins but its the tummy cover that makes it really special, showing off my tummy moves as well as the larger movements.

Sorry, but I can’t dance in those eyelashes....

Mersin believe they offer a wide range of wonderful costumes for the hirer to select from, but if you would like to discuss your requirements further please feel free to contact us.


For an event where it would be best for the dancers to be more covered we have matching “Saiidi” dresses.  Where you would like a large number of dancers who all match we have our “sweetie shop” costume with a choice of either purple or metallic skirts, or funky blue trousers.  We can also mix this costume to fit with your theme with skirts in blues/greens or reds/pinks.  With six weeks notice and an additional charge we can organise skirts to match your party theme in almost any colour.  We all also own very high quality costumes in bright colours with a mix of crystals, beautiful beadwork and cut outs in the modern Egyptian style, and although they don’t all match they do give a very high quality look.  Due to wear and tear we can not wear our high end costumes for events held outside or in smoky rooms.  For these kind of performances we offer two choices of costume, a beautiful purple costume that picks up a breeze and looks really impressive even at a distance, and our mix and match brights, where each dancer can either wear a block of bright colour, or we can all mix up to produce a kaledescope of colour.  

Varisha is a qualified make up artist and always makes sure we have a very professional look to match our costumes.

“Saiidi dress” - as yet we don’t have a photo of the group in these dresses, but each is a different cheerful colour.

The “Sweetie shop” costume, with bright coloured skirts

Our more “High quality” costumes.  Each dancer has a number of designer costumes of this standard in a variety of colours.  Most are this very modern Egyptian style.

This beautiful “Purple kit” has big skirts and big sleeves that really make an impact at outside events.  The skirts are also very popular to add to our Sweetie shop kit above for weddings where Cadbury’s purple is the theme colour theme

Finally this is our “Mix and Match” costume.  Each dancer has at least two colours they can select from and an endless supply of brightly coloured skirts.  This kit is perfect for large events or where you would like a quick change, perhaps starting with everyone in a block of colour and then finishing with this kind of mix.  In smaller groups we can follow your theme with everyone in shades of red/pink or blues and greens.




This blue and gold is by a famous designer and looks particularly stunning under theatre lights.  It doesn’t have lots of extra beads, so can look a bit understated for close up work.