Mersin are a performance troupe where entertainment comes first !  We don’t look for a particular body shape, age or dance style, but we do need dancers who ooze personality, have great core bellydance skills and are loads of fun - both on the stage and off.  We hold auditions each year to find one or two new members to join their group.  These auditions are open to any dancers who :



In 2008 Mersin invited three new members to join them - Ruth, Melissa and Becky - congratulations to each of them for surviving the endless audition process!

In 2009 we will probably be looking for no more than one new member - if you think this is you please contact Sara.


Mini Mersintes !


The option to become a Mini Mersinite is open to anyone in full time education.  We recognise that many younger dancers do not have the time or money to commit to a professional troupe such as Mersin, but we want to continue to support these dancers and offer them as many opportunities as possible.  Minis :



If you feel you may be interested in becoming a Mini Mersinite then please discuss with your class teacher, and if under 18 a parent or guardian.