Sara Shrapnell is available to teach workshops on many topics including those highlighted below. She regularly teaches for Celebrating Dance, and many other festivals, aimed at Bellydancer, dancers of other styles and general interest.  Sara is a full time bellydance teacher and international performer.  She qualified with City and Guilds and ASMED in 2003, and then spent 4 years mentoring other teachers as they trained.  She continues to study with some of the best teachers in both the US and UK.  Her workshops are known for mixing her proven techniques in teaching for all different learning styles, with history, emotion and lots of humour and fun.  All the workshops below can be adapted as a One on One or Private lesson, see here for details.


Below is a list of suggested topics, although workshops can be adjusted to suit the attendees.  Bookings need to be made as early as possible--please contact Sara via email to check availability


Sara will be in the US from October 2011, returning to the UK for the month of July 2012.










Other Options




Private lessons

Sara is happy to tailor a private lesson to your needs.  Please contact her with an outline of what your aims are, both long term and short, your experience level and the time you have available.  All of the workshops above are available for a private lesson, you can mix and match, or ask for something completely different.  If you would like a choreography written for you then you will need to book two sessions a week or two apart  If you would like an assessment then please provide a video clip two weeks in advance of your session.  More details are Here.




To book please email Sara direct to confirm availability.  Saturdays tend to book up early in the year, while Sundays are more readily available, Monday and Fridays are an option subject to practice space being available.

Dance on Glasses - Intermediates - 1 or 2 hours



Sara is probably best known for her knock out Dance on Glasses.  This guaranteed show stopper will wow any audience and is a must for dancers who like to be queen of the props.   Sara’s workshop will start will safe practice, tips on buying your glasses and ideas for framing your big moments into your choreography.  We will then practice and adapt key moves to fit the posture and talk about adding drama and razzle dazzle to make the ultimate memorable performance.  The glasses dance works for all dance styles and the skills learnt here will be useful for solo tribal dancers as well as those with the Wedding season in mind.  Participants should be fit and healthy, without back or knee problems and need to bring 4 small, flat tins (tuna/cat food), 4 medium tins (small beans/pinapple rings), and four standard tins (soup/beans), plus a standard, round bar tray.  Note to event organisers ; this workshop works best in a room with carpet if possible.


Photo : Agata Lucha-Ahmed

NEW FOR 2011 !


Dance from the Heart, NO REALLY ! - Improvers - 1 or 2 hours

So often we hear that this dance comes from the heart and that we need to feel the music.  To some this makes perfect sense and comes naturally, but for others you might as well be asking them to dance on the ceiling.  This workshop takes us back to our basic moves and explains how to power them more centrally, how to build energy, without feeling like a hippy, how to stretch and contract to give that look of dancing from the heart.  As we work the body to dance from the heart, so the mind is opened up to the idea and we can begin to really feel the music.  Essential for those who learn more physically, or who tend to over think their dancing.


Desert Hero - Beginners - 1 hour

Possibly the sweetest choreography you have ever danced ! - Just listening to this Ron Goodwin piece will have you flirting and fluttering your eyelashes.  Although all these moves should be familiar to you the choreography has been put together to make use of levels, directions and all parts of the body, making it appear much more complex than it is, giving us lots of opportunity to play around.  As a short solo its perfect to add into your dance set, or perform at a Hafla.  It can also be easily adapted as a duet or group number.

Photo : Nikki Todd







Frame and Flow - Improvers - 1 or 2 hours.

What to do with your arms!  A session of finger, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and arm exercises aimed at freeing the arms to flow with the music.  How to use framing to lead the audiences eye to where the action is and what to do with them while they are framing.


Stop right there ! - Improvers/Intermediates--1 or 2 hours.

For students with some experiance of veil, experiment with each stage of the unwrapping process to see what moves work with each framing position.  Learn to tuck and un tuck at different points to enhance your costume or choreography, where to turn and where to hold the pose.  This workshop is best done in a room with mirrors, and as well as veils, students would need to bring clothing with shoulder straps (bra/vest) and a waist band.

Photo : Kathryn Goddard


Technique and Choreography



Salam Alana - Intermediate - 2 hours

Attention grabbing from the start, this sweet little dance can be done either with or without a dance stick and as a solo or group number.  The catchy music sets the tone beautifully for a choreography that just begs to be turned into a structured improvisation, including interaction with the audience, other dancers and the music.  Bring a stick if you are comfortable with one, and your biggest smile.


Amani El Omr - Intermediate - 2 hours

Get off to a flying start with this explosive choreography which takes our favourite basic moves and kicks them out of all recognition.  Learn to love adapting and interpreting as you go while still staying within safe barriers - you wont believe how personal your dance can become if you just trust your insticts.  Most suited to those who are just on the brink of writing their own choreographies, or who are finding the process gives them bland or unsatisfactory results.


Photo : Kathryn Goddard