Sara Shrapnell


Is a full time Bellydancer re-locating to Plesanton, Ca. as of October 2011

Previously she has danced, taught and hosted in Reading and Basingstoke, UK.




In Brief :

In Brief :

Qualified full time teacher of Middle Eastern Dance.

International Performer in many styles and in a variety of venues - both as a soloist and as a member or Mersin performance troupe

Full Time Teacher of Middle Eastern Dance--Teaching or studying this topic at least 5 days most weeks. Committed to the promotion and development of ME Dance.

Focused on tailoring to the individual learners needs, from beginners to the experienced students.

Continuing to study with some of the top teachers in the world, from Aziza to Zaza, from Fifi to Tempest.


Highlights of my career as a teacher, student and performer :

Every time new beginners come to class and find they love to free dance.

Seeing my Daughter perform for the first time  at Celebrating Dance when she danced in front of both Morocco and Aziza, and now watching her grow as an international professional bellydancer.

Working one on one with Sasha for her role in the film "Everything to Dance for"

Mersin performing 1001 Nights at Planet Egypt perfectly having spent months trying to work out how to wow on such and unusual stage.

Dancing with Tarik in a New York restaurant  (I have no idea of the name of the venue, !)

Dancing the day away with Fifi Abdo at Bellydance Congress

Every PPP (Premiere Performance Platform) - I always cry when my students first perform

My Graduation show, passing my final piece of homework and qualifying as a dance teacher--my ambition from age 4 !!

Visiting New York-- Learning from Rocky and performing at the Lafayette

Getting my first Tribal hair falls and not taking them off til bed time.

Seeing Hathor perform one of my choreographies for the first time at their Hafla

The stunned silence when I danced on glasses--on a boat (that was frightening and very stupid)

Being told, by a beautiful dancer from another area, that my photos had inspired her to start dancing.


Hopes for the future :

To dance to live drums whenever I get the chance (this includes on the beach and in the town centre)

To inspire others on their journey into M.E. Dance and to give them strong foundations to build on.

To offer a range of interesting, fun and informative lessons open to all.

To provide opportunities for students to perform to each other and to friendly audiences no matter their level of experience.

To continue to widen my knowledge to provide accurate information to the students in every style that interests them.

To help develop dancers who have an individual style, good technique, performance skills and an understanding of this dance.

To get to watch the dancers I knew as beginners grow into professional or international performers in their own right.

To be able to share my love for this dance with people from all round the world--via email, classes or this web site.

To travel and study with the greatest teachers in each topic

To buy beautiful costumes and play dress up


Detailed Dance Biography :

Full time teacher of Middle Eastern Dance since 1999.

Started attending Bellydance Classes in 1993, before which I had done many years of Ballet and Disco.

Currently teaching at all levels from Beginners to Advanced and in a variety of different topics from folkloric to Fusion, Classical to Tribal.

Invited to teach at the Celebrating Dance Festival, Devon for the six years, and two consecutive Wiggle it Festivals, Sussex.  Also taught at the Midlands Arabic Dance Extravaganza, Leicester and many other one off workshops around the UK.

18 years of Bellydance training, attending workshops and study with top teachers from around the world.  Including regular tuition (4 hours plus per year)  with Morocco of New York, and with Yasmina of Cairo.  Occasional workshops with many other big name teachers and performers from the UK, US and Middle East (too many to list !- but see my "I'm a Fan" page for photos of me with some of them).

Early tuition from Tina Hobin, widely acknowledged as one of the first dancers to bring Middle Eastern Dance to the UK and author of a number of books on this subject.

Many years of mentoring, teaching and support by Afra Al-Kahira, who is one of the UK's top teachers and performers.

Experienced in teaching or performing most styles of Middle Eastern dance including: Khaleegy, Turkish, Modern and Classical Egyptian, Folkloric, Zills, Stick, Sword and Veil, American Tribal, Tribal Fusion , and Cabaret.  Also specialist in Dance on Glasses, a highly popular Hafla / Wedding performance.

C & G 7407 part 1 and the specialist ASMED (Al-Kahira School of Middle Eastern Dance) teaching methodology qualified (2003).  Four years as a Mentor and supporting others as they trained with ASMED (2004/2008).  

Solo performer with experience of most venue types from huge theatres to local social clubs.

Member of The Kohl Dance Co-operative, who performed at the QEH Theatre, Bristol with Vashti And in Devon with Morocco of New York.

Founding member and director of Mersin, one of the Uk's top performance troupes.

Produced and Directed many Haflahs and stage shows for students, and visiting performers.

Early training in both Ballet and Disco.  Performed in both styles through childhood including time in a professional Disco troupe (photos may appear on here sometime ).

Choreographer for all levels of students & dancers. Specialising in large group numbers with an upbeat feel for Theatre, Weddings and all types of social events.

Event organiser, focusing on bi-annual "Day of Dance", but also joint sponsor of Yasmina of Cairo's visit to Tadley in 2005, supporting the Bellydance Superstars tour of the area, Rose Harden in 2009, Tempest in 2008, Artemis in 2011 and lending support to many other events

Committee member of WADA (Wessex Arabic Dance Association) for many years.

Regular writer for Taqasim Magazine - reviewing events, books and providing articles on a wide variety of subjects.

Teacher or Mentor to a number of dancers who have gone on to dance professionally or teach themselves.

Regular "Game Bird", on Radio Berkshire, talking about Bellydance, Family life and any other topics that came up 2008/9