Sara is available to teach Bellydance at all types of festival, workshops, world dance days and fairs.


For Bellydance events she can provide any of the workshops listed, or develop something specifically to fit with your requirements.  Workshops can be aimed at different levels of ability, and tailored to fit within your timetable.



At festivals for other dance styles she can provide an introduction to Bellydance, or a fun choreography that people can take home.  Veil dances are often popular with indoor events, and Sara has developed one that is short and sweet enough to be achievable yet includes plenty of skill based moves to help dancers feel they have been challenged.  Sara also specialises in cute, flirty dances which are hugely popular with first time Bellydancers, and importantly teach some of the essential attitude to give the dance that Bellydance flavour.


If your event is aimed at the general public, then she will provide an introduction and a workshop that is aimed at your attendees, keeping the mood light hearted and entertaining.


Sara can not teach children, although at a fun event its fine if the children join their parents.


To discuss your requirements in more detail  and check available dates please email her at :



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