Shimmy News : January, 2011


Hi and a Happy New Year to everyone !


Thank you to everyone who came along to our end of year Hafla, and particularly everyone who performed.  It was a wonderful night and a fitting way to end another year of great Bellydancing !  I have not spent the last few weeks on the sofa eating chocolate (Ok, I did a bit of that), but have been busy preparing lots of exciting ways for us to spend the year.  I hope that you can join me and make 2011 the best yet !




   * The Saturday class is back on the 15th.  11.15am for beginners who will be covering the Foundation course, 12.20 for general who will be learning to dance in a more folkloric style.  Pre book only - 01256 326331

   * Tuesdays in Reading start back on the 18th.  6.30 for beginners/Foundation, 7.15pm for General who will learning some new moves and working on improving their arms.

   * Wednesday classes at Ridgeway resumes on the 19th.  7.15pm for beginners/Foundation, 8pm for Drillz and Thrillz, 8.45pm for Choreography and Performance.

   * Finally the Thursday morning class at Oakridge starts back on the 27th at 10am with a class that is suitable for all.




Having spoken to other local teachers as well as students I have decided to offer the option of Pay in Advance for all my drop in classes.  You will still be able to pay on the night, but by purchasing your classes in blocks of 5 or ten you can make considerable savings:


   * If you want to do one 45 minute class a week, I suggest you buy either of the Bronze tickets and bring the cost of your classes down to £5 or £4.50.  You could then use that ticket for the Tuesday Beginners class, Tuesday General, Wednesday Beginners, Wednesday Drillz, Wednesday Choreo or the Thursday General.  Feel free to mix and match as much as you like until you have done five or ten classes.

   * If you want to do two 45 minute classes a week back to back then purchase one of the Silver tickets and they will cost you £4 or £3.80 per 45 minutes (£8 or £7.60 per session).  You can use your silver ticket to do either Wednesday Beginners and Drillz, or Wednesday Drillz and Choreo, Sunday Monthly Advanced or Tuesdays Beginner and General.

   * If you want to do as many classes as you fancy in a 12 week season then buy the Gold.  You could get the cost of your classes down as low as £1.30 per 45 minutes !  And you can use the Gold pass for any of the drop in classes within the season.


To Pay in Advance you can either bring cash or a cheque to your first class, or pay on line via PayPal.  All the details are Here :




is our student performance group, and January is a great time to join up if you want to get more performance experience.   Come along on the 19th and find out more about the numbers they are learning and the performances coming up.  or click HERE :




are back at the Anvil this Spring and I have block booked us tickets again !  This is the top touring troupe of Bellydancers anywhere in the world, and they love to come to Basingstoke because we love them back !! - last time they only visited Basingstoke and London in the UK as part of their world tour !).  Tickets are on sale now via the Anvil, or if you want to sit with all your class mates like a good old school outing you can get your tickets direct from me.  I dont get any discount, or charge a booking fee - but I do expect you to pass the sweeties my way.  I'm afraid I can't "keep" a ticket for you - I will be giving them to the first 20 people to put the cash in my hand.  I will also organise something like a pizza trip before, and a pub visit after, so let me know if you are interested nearer the time.




Congratulations to everyone who passed their IDTA exams this year.  I know many of you worked really hard and the marks and comments reflect that.  If you havn't already got your awards then let me know when you will next be in class and I will bring them along.  I will again be asking Rebekah to come down and offer workshops in preparation for Bronze and Silver exams in May and Gold in November.  Please let me know if you are interested as it makes it easier for me to calculate costs.  Although I dont have all the details yet some are available HERE :




Thank you to everyone who took the Foundation course last term - I hope you now have all your colours filled in !, The course has proved to be a great way to help students cover the basics in a logical and thourough way, while still being able to drop in and mix and match their classes.  If you would like to find out more click HERE :


MONTHLY CLASS - Advanced Bellydance, creativity and artistic interpretation.


One Sunday a month I teach a class at Viables aimed at Intermediate and Advanced students who are ready to develop their dancing and explore concepts themselves.  Each session we take a topic to discuss and work on and I stand back and encorage.  If you would like to find out more click HERE :




The date for our next Day of Dance is the 9th April and it will be held at Oakridge Hall for All in Basingstoke.  This is a day for you to try out lots of new styles of bellydance and this years special guest is CANDI ! - sadly Candi has decided to retire this summer, so this is probably one of your last chances to learn from the queen of UK resturant style.  Her warmth when performing is inspirational and I know you are going to love learning from her.  I am currently sorting out a whole day of different workshops, including the ever popular talks and crafts, so please keep the date and look out for flyers in class soon.  Find out more about Candi here :

and watch this YouTube clip :




Artemis Mourat is coming to Basingstoke in September ! - more info coming soon, but keep the 10th free to spend with Artemis !




When new students fill in their initial Fitness to Dance, the majority say that they found out about classes through a friend - this sometimes makes me wonder why I spend so much on advertising :).  I am so delighted that so many of you love the classes so much that you tell others about them, and this spring I have printed some new postcards to go on noticeboards and to be handed out to prospective students.  If you know of somewhere I can advertise, or you are willing to take a card into work, or to your local village hall or noticeboard I would be grateful.  Cards will be available in class along side the flyers for local events.






     18th/19th January - I will be doing some brand new Drillz for those of you who want to kick start your fitness in the new year.  Join me at 7.15 on Tuesday and/or 8pm on Wednesday and prepare to ache all over the next morning.  please bring a veil if you have one.


     30th January - Hipnotic at Madjaski -


     6th Febuary - Monthly Sunday class at Viables -  


     4th/5th/6th March - Majma -


     19th/20th March - Shimmytasticness -


     27th March - Hipnotic (I'm dancing !) -


     31st March - Belly Dance Super Stars ! -


     3rd April - Monthly Sunday class at Viables


     5th/6th/7th April - Last chance to use up your Pay in Advance


     9th April - Spring Day of Dance - Oakridge Hall for All, Basingstoke.  Booking forms out soon.


     25th - 29th April - NO CLASSES !


     15th May - Hipnotic (Mersin are dancing) -


     21st May - Bellymania (Nashida Abla are dancing) -


     22nd May - Monthly Sunday class at Viables


     4th June - Bramley fete (Nashida Abla Performing)


     4th June - Hathor Hafla (Mersin performing) -


     10th September - Artemis workshops and show at Oakridge Hall for All.




   * Facebook -!/letsbellydance - or -!/group.php?gid=6934467445 - or -!/pages/Letsbellydance-Belly-Dance-classes-in-Reading-and-Basingstoke/271604193344 - or just find me SARA SHRAPNELL

   * Email groups - simply email me to say you are interested and you can join my email group and receive up to date info about loads of events all round the country.



















































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