Mersin are : 
Varisha, Catherine, Michelle,
 Claire, Melissa, Ruth and Sara


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taught aerobics for 10 years before moving to Reading and discovering middle eastern dance in 2006. She enjoys performing a variety of styles including Classical and Modern Egyptian, American Cabaret and Tribal and has attended workshops from a variety of well respected dancers and music teachers from around the world.  Ruth is also a talented artist and designer who takes great pleasure in designing and making her own costumes.



has experienced many dance styles since she started taking dance classes in 2003. She has covered everything from ballet to pole dancing but she found a real passion for bellydance which has never left her. She has covered alot of different middle eastern dance styles and prop work but she is particularly interested in Egyptian Cabaret, Tribal and Gothic styles.



With a background in salsa dancing, and a love for music from around the world, Michelle is interested in incorporating various styles of movement and music into her dancing.




has always enjoyed performing and has tried many different styles of dance and drama before finding middle eastern dance six years ago.  She started dancing instead of going to the gym to keep fit and has been able to developed her love for performing as a group and as a solo dancer.  Claire hope to continue dancing for a long time as it's good for both physical and spiritual well being.


Sara Shrapnell


Has been studying Middle Eastern Dance for more than 15 years.  Known for her emotional response to the music and her upbeat, lively interactions, she loves to dance with Mersin.  Sara teaches classes throughout Basingstoke and Reading, having qualified with ASMED in 2003.  She travels each year to the US for intensive study with some of the worlds best teachers.


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brings energy and humour to both the Mersin group and her dance performance through her free-flowing, engaging style. Having started dancing in July 2000, Catherine joined Mersin 4 years ago and has enjoyed performing with them ever since. Catherine loves to dance with props including double veils, Isis wings and Turkish spoons! She enjoys studying many different styles of dance and she is currently trying to decide whether to study Turkish or Modern Egyptian after her recent trips to Turkey and Egypt!





takes her inspirations from the Classical Egyptian style right through to modern day fusion, bringing enthusiasm, creativity and costume making skills to the Mersin Troupe. She enjoys performing to audiences as a Troupe member and soloist, shows a strong, confident style in her dancing, and regularly attends workshops on a variety of Middle Eastern Dance styles.


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